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易胜博最好游戏平台:China, DPRK enhance friendly cooperation, jointly safeguard regional peace

By Ren Huanyu (申博官网开户登入)    09:34, July 12, 2019

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July 11 marked the 58th anniversary of the signing of China-Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) Friendly Cooperation and Mutual Aid Treaty. The two countries held a series of celebration activities to commemorate the signing of the treaty.

When the top leaders of the two countries had just realized historical exchange of visits in such an important year as the one that marks the 70th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between China and the DPRK, these activities reflected the unswerving aspiration of both sides to enhance China-DPRK friendly cooperation and safeguard regional peace by the spirit of the treaty.

The treaty was signed by late Chinese premier Zhou Enlai and the founder of DPRK Kim II Sung in Beijing 58 years ago. Embodying the profound friendship forged between the two peoples during the prolonged revolutionary struggle and socialist construction, it has further consolidated the political and legal foundation for the development of China-DPRK relations.

The concluding of the treaty signified the high importance attached to bilateral relations by the two countries as well as the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), and also the earnest aspiration of the two peoples to constantly develop friendly and cooperative relations.

Over the past 58 years, under the guidance of the principles and spirit of the treaty, China and the DPRK have supported each other and carried out close cooperation. They significantly promoted their national construction, accelerated in-depth development of bilateral ties, and made important contribution to safeguarding regional peace and stability.

China-DPRK friendship is a strategic choice made by the two sides with a long-term and overall perspective and will not waver due to changes in the international situation.

China and DPRK enjoy a traditional friendship which was jointly forged by the older generations of the leaders of the two countries and parties with common faith and profound friendship developed during revolution.

Generations of leaders of the two parties and countries have kept close exchanges and conducted in-depth communication and sincere cooperation with an aim to carry forward the traditional friendship and benefit the two peoples, leaving a deep imprint in the history of international relations.

Reviewing the history of China-DPRK relations, Chinese President Xi Jinping summed up four experiences:It is the essential attribute of the relationship that both are socialist countries adhering to the leadership of a Communist party; Shared ideals, beliefs and goals are the driving force of the relationship; the continuous friendship between and strategic guidance by top leaders are the greatest strength; and the geographical proximity and cultural affinity offer a sturdy bond, he added.

Holding five meetings with Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK over the past year, Xi has opened a brand new chapter for China-DPRK relations.

Under the efforts of the top leaders of the two countries, the traditional friendship between China and the DPRK has been lifted to a new height and is brimming with new vitality and dynamism.

No matter how the international situation changes, China will firmly support the DPRK's socialist cause, the country's new strategic line and its efforts to promote the political settlement of the peninsula issue and safeguard regional peace and stability, said Xi when paying a state visit to the DPRK this June.

Kim said he would like to follow the will of the past generations of leaders, make joint efforts with Xi, inherit and develop DPRK-China relations at a new historic point and map out a bright future for DPRK-China friendship.

Both sides agreed that the two countries should stay true to their original aspirations and join hands to create a bright future of inter-party and inter-state relations at a new starting point in history.

The consensuses reached between the top leaders of the two countries have charted the course and blueprinted a bright future of the development of China-DPRK relations in the new era.

When socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era and the socialist construction of the DPRK has entered a new historical period, it is of great significance to review the connotation of the China-DPRK Friendly Cooperation and Mutual Aid Treaty.

It is believed that under the guidance of the principles and spirit of the treaty, China-DPRK relations will witness new development in the new era, bring greater benefits to the two peoples and promote peace, stability, and prosperity of the region and even the world at large. 

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